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Lori HALLWAY, Founder
and Executive Director at
Horse & Heart.

Lori has 20 years of experience in Natural Horsemanship and has been a certified Equine Experiential Learning trainer for over 10 years. Her training in these techniques is underpinned by a formal education in the behavioral sciences —psychology, sociology, criminology, cultural anthropology and art. Lori has studied with and and been inspired by many of the most advanced, generous, compassionate and skillful teachers of our age: Cathryn Clerc, Linda Kohanov, Carolyn Resnick, Jonathan Field, Pat and Linda Parelli, and Buck Branaman.

Drawing on this rich background, Lori has created in Horse & Heart, a beautiful, tranquil and safe place for others to study, learn and grow under her guidance, with a horse partner. Lori works with adults, children, and at-risk youth. She has also worked extensively in the mental health field with adults and youth in institutional, transitional living, group home and independent living environments.

Lori invites you to join her on this adventure into the deep realms of the Horse and Human inquiry where you are welcome to find solace, joy, self-confidence and an everlasting friendship through collaboration, discipline, compassion, respect and play!



I have been insurmountably blessed nearly my whole life to have access to horses. I never grew out of that “weird horse girl” phase and I'm sure happy I didn't!  As a toddler I was infatuated with the prehistoric wonders of dinosaurs! I would watch “The Land Before Time” as often as I was allowed. Upon moving to Santa Cruz as a wee two year old, on a long drive up a steep hill to what would turn into my forever home, I took in my first sight on a neighboring nolltop of the majesty that is equine and nothing has ever been the same! In the months following this preliminary exposure I would pester my mother endlessly to allow me to take lessons. She would soon give in, and we would both dive head first into a life of  endless commitment to caring for, loving, learning from, teaching with and eternally playing, in partnership with horses.

As many children do, in my tween years I broke away from my mom and what had become a familial study of natural horsemanship and began to follow my own path. Along this journey have been lucky enough to study under and be influenced by some of the greatest riders and horsemen of our time, travel to europe, compete at venues and in divisions I have only dreamed of, ride in the same rings and even show against my own equestrian heros, own, sell and love horses of a lifetime,  and most importantly, rediscover my passion for the tenderness and relationship in natural horsemanship that I had lost over those years on my road to achievements in the sports world of showjumping. I have worked as a training rider, instructor, and groundwork coach professionally for the past three years, clinicing with Olympians such as Meredith Micheals-Beerbaum, Greg Best, and Robert Gharibzadeh, traveled all across the west coast, showing young horses with wins in the 1.20 meters as well as across the equitation and hunter rings. The greatest takeaway from all of my work in the equestrian community is that I hope to be an eternal student, under the leadership of the horses and humans in my life, because no matter where you are in your riding career, whether you have many years of experience, or you are just getting started, I strongly believe we all have something to learn from each other, so I hope you will come play with us, weather it may be just learn how to be safe and in community with these powerful creatures, or how to guide them through technical courses at advanced levels of jumping, because my passion lies in guiding you safely and fruitfully through it all!



Stephanie's work at Horse & Heart is the integration of her personal passions and her professional study in the areas of psychology, Bodywork, Somatic Experiencing, Experiential Learning, Natural Horsemanship and Equine Guided Education. Stephanie offers individual sessions, and programs designed to support you in connecting with your essential self and bringing that essence all the way through your body in service to your personal sense of aliveness, your relationships and your work in the world.

As a young girl Stephanie was passionate about two things: dancing and horses. Her imagination and creativity thrived as she tapped and twirled, rolled and leaped in both formal classes and all alone in the family's living room. At the same time, being with horses was a wondrous sensory experience calling her into grounded, focused presence in direct relationship with another sentient being. These childhood passions never waned but rather led Stephanie into the calling of her adult life: embodied awareness, the process of learning to inhabit and connect with the sensations of the physical body more deeply and utilize them as a source of resilience and a pathway for personal growth and transformation.

Stephanie looks forward to supporting your journey towards a deeper connection with your passion, purpose and path.